Tired of fine lines and wrinkles getting in the way? Stop them before they start with injectable treatments at Modern Medical. We’re providing a plethora of anti-aging treatments to combat these visible symptoms, right here in Westminster. Botox is a household name that is well-known for its preventative and reverse aging abilities. This treatment has been providing patients with the youthful appearance they desire for decades, trusted by the FDA as well as medical professionals worldwide. botox westminster

What is Botox?

This injectable is composed of Botulinum Toxin Type A, hence the name Botox. Because lines and wrinkles are often caused by muscle movement, the toxin works to limit muscle movement so that the wrinkles are unable to form. It’s administered to target areas in a way that doesn’t affect surrounding tissue.

Why Choose Botox?

  • This treatment is safe for all skin types
  • It can prevent or reverse signs of aging
  • Nonsurgical- which means no downtime or recovery process
  • Natural looking results
  • Known brand that pioneered injectable anti-aging treatments

How long does it take?

It only takes about 15 to 25 minutes for Botox and a trained professional to perform anti-aging magic. This treatment is not only cost efficient but time efficient as well. There’s no downtime and because it’s not a surgical procedure, general anesthesia isn’t needed. You may be provided with a cold pack or a topical numbing agent to ensure a painless experience with minimal discomfort.


After your initial treatment, it may take one or two days for you to see optimal results. The effects, such as mild swelling or redness, should subside within this time as well. You can expect your results to last three to four months before touch-ups should be considered. Botox results can give you the rejuvenated appearance you desire, while preserving a look that is natural. botox westminster botox westminster


If you’re considering Botox or any other service that we offer, it’s best to schedule a consultation. A consultation is the perfect time to ask questions about the treatment. You can also express your goals in a one-on-one setting to provide you with the privacy and comfort that you need. Any concerns you may have will also be addressed at this time. We’ll make sure that you have all of the education you need on the treatment(s) that you’re interested in. You’ll find our Westminster facility provides quality treatments that are proven to work.