Do you have facial wrinkles and folds? Do they cease to go away despite many creams and skin treatments? Do you live near Westminster? Then one of the Restalyne® products at Modern Medical may be a great treatment option for you!

What is Restalyne®?

Restalyne® is a type of filler, which contains hyaluronic acid, that may be used to correct folds, wrinkles, and some age-related volume loss.


Are you looking to smooth wrinkles and folds or lip augmentation? Then Restylane may be a great option for you to fill creases and lips! This product may even last 18 months because about 95% of patients still saw improvement.

Restalyne Lyft

Are your cheeks sagging or lacking volume? Do you have smile lines? Then Restalyne Lyft may be a great option for you! This injectable gel is used to fill in creases and folds while possibly restoring the full cheeks that you had with results that may even last up to a year! If you think that your cheeks need a Lyft, then contact us and see if this is right for you!

Restylane Silk

Are you looking for a subtle addition of volume into the lips or to smooth the lines nearest to the lips? Then Restylane Silk may be the greatest option for silky smooth and plump lips! The particles in this product are smaller than the other Restylane products in order to possibly provide the most natural results for you that may even last up to 6 months!

Restylane Refyne

Have years of laughing and smiling took a toll on our skin? Are they evident no matter your expression? Then Restylane Refyne may be a great natural option to keep you happy without leaving an imprint! With this product, you may able to keep a look that will leave people wondering what your regime to looking young is for up to 12 months!

Restylane Defyne

Do you have deep frown and smile lines? Would you like a natural-looking solution for nasolabial folds and marionette lines? Then Restylane Defyne may be a great option for you! This product may help you have those lines appear more subtly for up to 1 year!

What is the treatment like?

One of our qualified aestheticians may start by cleansing the area to try and avoid infection. In addition, they may also apply an anesthetic to try and ease any discomfort that you may feel. The area is assessed to determine the most optimal areas for injection. After that, the aesthetician will inject those areas. The area may be sterilized again to avoid infection.

What should I tell my aesthetician?

It is important to inform your aesthetician if you suffer from severe allergic reactions, any allergies to medication, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning on doing so, history of scarring, any planned laser or chemical treatments, skin injury in the area, taking any immunosuppressive medication, on blood thinners, or any skin reactions that may cause a problem to the treatment.

Am I a good candidate for this product?

You may be a good candidate for this product if you are not suffering from any of the injuries, taking any of the medication, or have any of the previously mentioned procedures planned.

What are the side effects?

There are a few side effects with injectables, some of which may include infection, redness, swelling, pain, bruising, headaches, tenderness, lumps, and itching may occur. If there are any concerns that you may have, please don’t hesitate to call us at (714) 375-1393 so we may address them.   If you think that a Restalyne® product is right for you, then please call (714) 375-1393 to schedule an appointment or consultation at Modern Medical. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you! *RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED AND MAY VARY*